Norwegian Control Systems is based in Ålesund, the heart of the strong maritime cluster in the north-west of Norway.

A desire to travel and utilization of natural resources in a harsh environment have developed this maritime cluster into one of the strongest and most innovative clusters in the world, especially within offshore and fishing. The strength of the cluster lies within the many participants in all segments of the value chain – from ship-owners to ship equipment suppliers.

We deliver electro design and control systems for fishing, fish farming, offshore wind power production and offshore oil production for shipyards and shipowners worldwide.

Norwegian Control Systems’ main office is in Lerstadvegen 508, 10 minutes from Ålesund city centre, Norway.


The company was founded in 2007 under the name Havyard Powertec and was later changed to Havyard Power & Systems.
During the last 10 years the company has delivered engineering and products to both Norwegian and international shipyards. Engineering and products “delivered by skilled people with shipbuilding expertise” has been a key factor for employees. 
Located in the Møre region, which is home to a unique concentration of maritime companies and specialist research and educational institutions. Together they represent the maritime cluster of Møre. In 2014, due to its unique global market position and its important contribution to Norwegian value creation, the cluster was granted the status of a Global Centre of Expertise.

Health & Safety Policy

Norwegian Control Systems has established and maintains a HSE system in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulation.

Norwegian Control Systems` goals are to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. By continually striving to create better and safer working conditions, we will limit occupational illnesses and accidents at work.